Green Investing Co.

Build Wealth. Save the Planet.

Green Investing Co : The latest trends in green energy, mining, technology and how to invest in the rapidly growing green industry.

Founded by Ryan Northover – a former News Corp and Paramount Global executive – Green Investing Co. seeks to encourage awareness and engagement from the investment community (both institutional and retail) toward the world’s most important green innovation companies.

Green Investing Co. will cover everything from battery technology, EVs, green tech startups, green hydrogen, nuclear power, the ‘green metals’ and mining sector, government regulation, climate change policy and ESG investing trends.

Green Invest Co. hopes to contribute to the investment and financial conversation. As the world must quickly move to meet global carbon neural goals for humanity later this century, incredible opportunities for investors exist. With literally trillions of dollars in investments required to build this future by the global investment community, NGOs and governments alike – Green Invest Co. aims to take you on the journey to being a more aware and informed investor.

We’ll be making more announcements in the coming period on editorial appointments; partner and advertiser announcements and more news soon.

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