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Sweden Gov Announces ‘Massive Expansion’ of Nuclear Energy

Sweden is going all in on nuclear energy.

The Nordic nation is dumping a long-held ideological and largely impossible target for 100% renewable energy.

In a major step forward for European energy, the government of Sweden has announced a major bi-partisan deal that will see the country “massively expand” nuclear energy.

The coalition government of Sweden Thursday said they will move forward with an agreed plan to scale up nuclear energy, outlined at the press conference.

The deal, agreed to by a multi-party Parliamentary coalition, will see Sweden redefine its energy strategy from ‘100% renewable energy’ to ‘100% fossil fuel free’ energy.

Sweden’s Energy and Industry Minister Ebba Busch (KD) led a press conference Thursday morning to announce the news to the Swedish people. 

Under the plan, the government will commit to at least two new nuclear reactors by the early 2030s.

Then, by the 2040s, Sweden will have built significantly more nuclear power plants – with most of the grid running from nuclear, according to news reporters there.

By then, Sweden will have built 10 large-scale nuclear reactors. 

This does not include possible small modular nuclear reactors.

The government will also stimulate the industry by offering credits, tax breaks and other concessions to ensure projects move ahead with private-sector partnerships. The government will also create a new nuclear energy liaison office.

Most importantly, the Swedish government no longer believes in the old ideology that 100% renewable energy is the goal.

In a sign for other governments to take seriously the notion that nuclear energy is clean, low cost and safe.

See the video:

The Swedish government posted a link to their strategic nuclear energy presentation below.

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