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Ken Griffin : West Must Invest in Nuclear Power to Solve Climate, Compete with China

This week, Citadel’s billionaire founder Ken Griffin called for Western nations to step up investment in nuclear power.

Griffin, in Singapore for an economic forum, told attendees he believed the only way for the West to become carbon neutral is to invest in nuclear, not just renewable energy.

Griffin noted data shows China, and to a lesser extent India and Russia, were planning to build out massive new nuclear – but Western nations like the US still won’t commit.

The situation could mean the US is less likely to achieve energy independence. 

“China is one of the few countries making a huge investment in nuclear again,” Griffin said at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore on Thursday. “We desperately need nuclear power in the West.”

Griffin said China was heading for a huge competitive advantage in nuclear, while the West was still debating the merits of the technology.

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