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Microsoft Prepares to Power Data Centres with SMR Technology

Tech giant Microsoft is working to supply power-hungry data warehouses and AI processing centres powered by carbon-free energy – SMRs.

The Seattle-based behemoth is hiring a ‘Principal Program Manager, Nuclear Technology, to “be responsible for maturing and implementing a global small modular reactor (SMR) and microreactor energy strategy.”

The role will require someone with “experience in the energy industry and a deep understanding of nuclear technologies and regulatory affairs. This role will also be responsible for research and developing other precommercial energy technologies.”

Microsoft has previously said they will require a fleet of small modular nuclear reactors and ‘micro-reactors’ to power a swath of data centres and AI computing centres around North America.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a major financial backer of nuclear energy startup TerraPower.

Mark Nelson, a energy commentator, said Microsoft and other tech companies will need to turn into nuclear power developers to ensure reliable, always-on, carbon free power to keep operations stable.

“A lack of stable long-term power, whether clean or dirty, is constraining Microsoft’s growth,” he said.

“They need to build big data centers that consume electricity all the time and the old assumption that somebody else’s reliable plants will always be around to firm up your wind and solar is falling apart.”

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