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Wide Open Agriculture Releases Inaugural Regeneration Report

The company behind the ‘Dirty Clean Food’ brand, Wide Open Agriculture Limited (ASX: WOA), says they are the world’s first publicly listed company to utilise a ‘4-Returns’ framework as outlined in its first annual Regeneration Report. 

Dirty Clean Food connects regenerative farmers with consumers, and stocks products from producers who share the same climate-conscious and environmental values. 

Wide Open Agriculture is Australia’s leading regenerative food and farming company.

Global Agricultural systems account for about 34 per cent of carbon emissions.

Focusing on more than just profits, the unique ‘4 Returns’ framework, namely Natural Capital, Inspiration, Social Capital and Financial Capital, is adopted from Commonland Foundation and illuminates Wide Open Agriculture’s holistic approach towards business.

The Regeneration Report outlines the remarkable strides made in Wide Open Agriculture’s ongoing journey towards Regenerative Agriculture, a practice that potentially offers one of the greatest, untapped opportunities to tackle accelerating climate change and biodiversity loss.

The Regeneration Report maps Wide Open Agriculture’s journey and progress, showcasing a continuous commitment to transforming the global food and agriculture sector to be regenerative and climate-conscious. 

Wide Open Agriculture’s mission is not just to create sustainable food and beverage, but to catalyse systemic, long-term, and positive impacts on the food and farming system through the 4 Returns framework:

1 – ‘Return of Natural Capital’ – Restoring biodiversity soil and water quality

Wide Open Agriculture’s commitment to restoring natural capital has seen it achieve the Climate Active carbon neutral certification for the Wide Open Agriculture Corporation and Dirty Clean Food’s Oat Milk. Its influence now extends over 26,000 hectares of land under the management of Dirty Clean Food. Wide Open Agriculture is proud of the 87% reduction in plastic used in packaging and the 100,000 new seedlings that will be planted across five farms through a carbon farming project in collaboration with Noongar Land Enterprise Group and the Carbon Farming Foundation.

2 – ‘Return of Inspiration’ – Giving people hope and a sense of purpose

Wide Open Agriculture has supported over 14 farmers and more than 60 partners of Dirty Clean Food across its food platform and distribution network. With a social media community of over 30,000 followers, Dirty Clean Food has continuously spread awareness about regenerative farming practices. Furthermore, Wide Open Agriculture has engaged the public in critical discussions about sustainable farming at over 25 community, academic, and farmer events, presenting its innovative 4 Returns Framework.

3 – ‘Return of Social Capital’ – Bringing back jobs, business activity, education and security

Wide Open Agriculture’s brand, Dirty Clean Food, has made significant strides, facilitating over 500,000 customer interactions centred around its regenerative produce and activities. As of December 2022, its team comprised of 75 staff members, 41% of whom were born outside Australia, and speak 18 languages. Wide Open Agriculture prides itself on fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, thereby enhancing its social capital.

4 – ‘Return of Financial Capital’ – Realising long-term sustainable profit

Wide Open Agriculture’s commitment to delivering financial returns remains undeterred, with 15 quarters of sequential growth over 3.5 years.

In FY22, there was over 100 per cent year-on-year increase in sales, and the Company has paid over $8 million into the local economy by paying suppliers across Perth and Southwest Western Australia. Wide Open Agriculture’s dedication to sustainable growth has also attracted investment from globally leading biodiversity and impact fund.

Share trading in ASX:WOA is currently suspended, pending a market update.

A copy of the Regeneration Report can be found here. For more information, visit and

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