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Europe Desperate for More Lithium to Secure Car Manufacturing Targets

Europe is desperate for sources of lithium, as the EV vehicle industry clammers for supply.

According to Bloomberg today, Europe currently imports 100% of its lithium from abroad and there’s a need to secure supply as quickly as possible to keep up with demand.

As European regulators pass laws to ensure internal combustion engines are a thing of the past, automakers and industry are scrambling to figure out how to shuffle supply into the continent.

Bloomberg reporter Oliver Crook explains the need to secure lithium supply to feed Europen industry.

For Germany, whose biggest industry is the auto sector, the lack of Lithium supply is a major problem.

Bloomberg reports that one company, Rock Tech Lithium (CVE: RCK), broke ground on a refinery outside Berlin to feed the car industry as one company working to soothe the supply chain problems.

Chief Executive Officer Dirk Harbecke spoke with Bloomberg’s Oliver Crook to shed light on the path forward:

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