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German Coalition Commits to End Coal by 2030

A coalition of political parties working to form a government in Germany has committed to end coal in the country by 2030, nearly a decade earlier than previously expected.

The leaders of the Social Democrats, Greens and the liberal Free Democrats said their parties would now enter formal coalition negotiations with climate change policy as a centre-piece to their common agenda, Politico reported.

“In order to meet climate goals, an accelerated exit from coal power is required. Ideally, this will be achieved by 2030,” the parties wrote.

“We see it as our central common task to set Germany on a path to 1.5 degrees as mandated in the Paris climate treaty,” the statement said.

The new government, if formed, would look to accelerate renewable energy as a priority to end coal production.

The plan calls for 2% of land for on-shore wind power farms, equipping all suitable roof tops with solar panels and to cut time for planning and permits by at least half.

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